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We like books and we like to read, but we have developed a much better tool for learning. Thanks to the Alef-Bet Platform, you will get to know modern Israel at your own pace and non-linearly, following paths that adapt to your learning progress. You will visit cities, look at beaches and atmospheric pubs with interesting music, talk about local delicacies, kibbutz, street art or about why Tel-Aviv is so different from Jerusalem.

Specially for you, our Platform will choose materials from the Israeli media: articles to read, clips for listening and watching. That way you will consolidate the acquired knowledge and you'll get to know life in Israel even better. Let's get started!

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56 courses on 3 levels

Each one of 14 topics is divided into 4 courses with interactive exercises, live scores, a dictionary and evaluation modules.

For beginners, we have prepared a free course about the Hebrew alphabet.

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The Alef-Bet Platform engine works like a compass and navigation system. You choose your goal and we will help you reach it. If you encounter problems on your path - we will change the course slightly. What feels like an intense storm will be spread out over time – we will choose additional materials that will help you better understand the problem We do not promise that you will not get wet, but you will definitely reach your destination safely!


Some parts are not yet publicly available.

Numbers speak for themselves!

Conventional classroom classes can not pause the program if one student encounters problems. Linear textbooks can not assess the quality of the answer or the time passed. We count everything that matters to support self-study or learning in classes. Our courses are prepared by qualified educators, methodologists and native-speakers, and our algorithms allow to achieve a scalable quality of learning with which only individual teaching can compete.

Source: CDE Personalized Learning Survey, 2013

increased student engagement
improved staff performance
greater student retention
improved test scores
higher grades
better attendance

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